myst music studio

myst music studio

A place since 2008, where music dreams have been ignited. mystmusic could be 迷室之樂, or could be 樂迷之室, or 室樂之迷… any way you put it.

I started this place as where to keep my Kawai grand, and to practise at odd hours. When there’s a place, friends and stuff flocked in and fascinating things happen. We once held monthly myst music salons, which were music gatherings where we shared something new every time.

All preliminary rehearsals of Duetissimo, The Music Circles, and The Unstoppable Beats started in mystmusic. At least until the dream scaled to something even larger than the studio!

Before putting quite some shows to stage, this has been the place where we curated music from ideas to performances. I’m glad the studio stayed that way.

myst music studio 在 2008 年開業,可以稱為迷室之樂,或者其他隨意組合。

正因其隨意, mystmusic 是我們醞釀樂思之處。從最初只為我隨時深夜練琴之用,漸漸發展成方便友好大小演出從零開始的小空間。